Solbotix goes SEFM 2022

April 04, 2022

As promised, the next stop on our solar journey was the Solar Energy Future MENA 2022. At the event, Solbotix was not only an exhibitor but also a Bronze Sponsor. The sponsorship gave us great delight since we got the chance to support the event’s sustainable cause but also seize an invaluable opportunity to share our solar mission. Our founder and CEO, Konstantin Kastanis, was a keynote speaker that presented our waterless robotic cleaning solution for PV panels, thus giving voice to a new generation of green technologies that can further boost the solar industry. At the Solbotix exhibition booth, the visitors met with our founder and CEO, Konstantin Kastanis and our Technology Advisor, Panos Chatzakos. A key takeaway of the discussions with industry leaders, investors, and project developers, amongst others, was that the MENA region is in great need of reliable solutions that can minimise the need for constant and immediate human involvement regarding maintenance and operating tasks. The industry has realised the importance of developing suitable weapons to resolve the critical problem of soiling in arid areas. The Solbotix team understands that this is the root of many evils and thus offers a robotic system that aims to remove dust and dirt efficiently from existing and prospective utility-scale solar parks. SEFM 2022 was a central meeting point for more than 150 decision-makers from oil/gas companies, financiers, energy consumers and MENA governments that support one ultimate goal: finding the green pathway to a net-zero future. Throughout the 2-day educational and networking conference, the MENA’s fast-growing solar industry and the region’s forward- thinking energy transition efforts were celebrated. The totality of the conference discussions revolved around the different stages that lead to a successful solar plant installation as well as the much-needed steps that will steadily distance the MENA region from oil and gas and towards green energy pastures. Overall, the Solar Energy Future MENA 2022 taught us that Solbotix, a member of MESIA, is on the right path to assist the MENA solar industry break free from fossil fuels and making solar the go-to sustainable option for the world’s green transition.

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