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Solar leads the energy race

Solar energy will provide more than half of the power needed to cover the 95% increase in global power capacity through 2026. (source:

More than 1000 solar farms will have to be built yearly to achieve net-zero goals until 2050.

Most of those farms will be located in arid areas around the Equator due to their high solar radiation.

Arid areas are the future of Solar

Most solar parks in non-arid regions can be easily maintained and cleaned thanks to temperate weather conditions, adequate rainfall frequency, low soiling rates and ample water supply.

Yet, despite being blessed with intense irradiation, solar farms in arid or semi-arid areas do not share the same privileges.

Instead, they are...

  • faced with extreme weather conditions
  • troubled by extreme soiling
  • losing energy yield (up to 6% daily/10% weekly/40% yearly *)
  • facing revenue loss
  • ineffectively cleaned by traditional methods

So, why not traditional cleaning?

    Existing manual or truck-mounted cleaning practices are ineffective in arid, remote areas:

  • organizational issues
  • finding, employing & training skilled workers
  • extreme weather conditions on-site
  • water scarcity
  • truck & equipment maintenance

* Source:
Brian Parrott, Pablo Carrasco Zanini, Ali Shehri, Konstantinos Kotsovos, Issam Gereige (2018): “Automated, robotic dry-cleaning of solar panels in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia using a silicone rubber brush”

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The Solbotix Solution

Our mission is to introduce a reliable robotic solution for daily waterless cleaning in arid/semi-arid locations that keeps solar panels clean all year long.
We aim to make the sun shine brighter and the profit for everyone greater with our radiant work while paving the path to a zero-emission sustainable future.

We are developing the most cost-efficient per sq.m. robotic cleaning systems for solar panels focusing on:

maximising energy yield

increasing revenue

preserving water

decreasing maintenance costs

avoiding solar panel damage

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